August 30, 2004

NYC, Protestors and RNC Blogsis,

NYC, Protestors and RNC

Blogsis, Michele, over at Letters from NYC is essentally blogging the convention, from the outside.

She lives in NYC, not to far from the convention center and has been blogging what is has been life for her to live her normal life while the protesters have literally attacked NYC.

Her first post is about the nudes and their naked truth about aids protest.

Then she gives a perspective how all the protesting is affecting those that live in the city.

Right now I'm very tired as it took me over 3 hours just to get home, when it normally takes 45 min. What delayed me? Ajoint rally held by two groups called Critical Mass/Times Up, held a rally which turned into an impromptu ride by over 5,000 bicyclists when the permit was originally called for their membership of 2,000.

Then, Michele goes on to tell us about a bomb plot that nobody heard about that lived outside NYC.

Newschannel 4 has learned that authorities broke up a bomb plot aimed at New York City subways, with the arrest of two men. The men, of middle eastern descent had planned to detonate a bomb in the 34th St/Herald Square train station, which is located 1 block away from Madison Square Garden.

So go on over and read what is going on in NYC during the RNC, it's good reading.

Michele, take it easy and be careful!

Posted by Quality Weenie at August 30, 2004 12:54 PM