August 31, 2004

Sophomore Year - Winter Semester

Sophomore Year - Winter Semester

I've been a little remise with my story, sorry.

So anyway we came back from Christmas break, 2 weeks at home is enough to make anyone drink, on a Sunday, school started Monday. That means we didn't have any responsibilities on Sunday night. Since everyone came back pretty early in the day, by 4pm we needed to eat dinner. Pizza, the college staple was ordered and of course with Pizza you need beer, a couple Stroh's 30 packs would do (or so we thought). Pizza came, beer arrived and we were set for dinner. We didn't end up going to sleep until 2am, drinking since about 5pm, needless to say we were pretty hung over the next day. First day of classes usually meant no homework yet, so after dinner that night we decided we might as well drink while we have the chance. So drink again we did, same excuse again Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we thought "ah we can do our homework on Sunday so lets drink". And of course nobody does any schoolwork on Friday or Saturdays, we had to keep our party schedule from last semester. In all we had a 14 night drinking binge. At the time we were pretty impressed with ourselves for that. That semester we were just wild, getting into a lot of trouble but not enough to get us kicked out because we knew exactly where that line in the sand was.
About a month into the semester we knew we had to study at some point so we made a pact, no drinking at night for a week so we could get caught up. By that Thursday we were so stressed at doing so much homework we all broke down at once, god help the Resident Advisor. One cute guy had just got out of the shower and was sprinkling powder on himself, we teased him about it and joking around squirted it at us (we were on the floor of the "living area", he was coming out of the bathroom), we started wrestling around trying to get the powder from him and squirted him. We got it back and chased us into the hall and squirted us, we ran to our rooms and got our powder bottles and squirted him back and suddenly everyone on our side of the wing came out with powder bottles and we had a huge powder fight. The powder cloud was so thick you couldn't see anyone else and that is when the Resident Advisor came back to his room. Oh we were in so much trouble. We had to scrub everything in that hall to get it clean. We got pictures of all of us covered in powder though, we look like ghosts. It was so much fun and the story that always gets retold during our get togethers. We also talk about the Frat Fight.

The Frat fight happened during one of the Friday night all you can drink Frat parties. We were downstairs getting beer; the cute guys were upstairs, toward the front of the house waiting for us to come back. A huge fight broke out near the basement stairs, knives were brought out and the cops were called in because it was getting out of hand and a couple people were stabbed. In all the commotion the cute guys were worried about us and fought their way back and down the stairs to get us out of the house and away from the party before the cops got there. It was then that we realized how much the cute guys cared for us and of course we teased them unmercifully about it.

It was at the beginning of April (classes ended at the end of April) that we realized no matter how much we studied and even if we Aced every test left we would all still fail our classes (by failing I mean mostly D's and some C's) since it was inevitable we thought why not just enjoy ourselves. And enjoy our selves we did. We should have bought shares in Stroh's because I think we kept Stroh's in business that year.

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