October 11, 2004

Sneak Peak - 2006 Toyota

Sneak Peak - 2006 Toyota Super Sports Car

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Looks like Toyota is jealous of all the new Super Sports Cars, like the Mustang GT because it looks like they are throwing their hand in and giving it a try.

Toyota has been eyeing Nissan's success with the revived 350Z - and apparently, from spy pictures nabbed this week, it's been a little jealous of supercars like the Porsche Carrera GT, too. Toyota 's been caught testing what some insiders are calling the "TXS," a limited-production exotic that might be powered by a V-10 engine worth 500 hp.
Pictures show the TXS with enough cladding to disguise much of its shape, but clearly, this is no Celica or MR2-sized sportscar. Insiders suggest the car will tip in at less than 3000 pounds, giving its 500-hp powerplant (with 370 lb-ft of torque) a serious chance at catching the likes of the Porsche and Benz supercars. Top speed could reach 190 mph, the same league as the 550-hp Ford GT. Whether the drivetrain offers any version of Toyota 's hybrid technology is unknown.
Whether the final vehicle is sold as a Lexus or as a Toyota , it's likely that a limited production run of about 10,000 units is in order. Expect a debut at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show and an on-sale date soon after - with a price tag well over $100,000.

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