October 22, 2004

What would it take to

What would it take to get Kerry Re-elected?

Ok, lets say, by some perverse chance, that Kerry won and becomes president.

In 4 years what would Kerry have to have done to get the democrats nod for candidate for the democratic party? Because with all the talk about the democrats supporting Kerry just because "he isn't Bush" and the only democrat left running that didn't have a melt down (yet) and with Hillary, Obama and the other up and coming democrats wanting to run in 2008, which would be the election Kerry would be trying for a second term, would the democrats really give Kerry the nod or would they try to get someone else in there?

I would think that Kerry would have to have done something spectaucular to get the nod in 2008, something like after the terrorist attack that is bound to come if he is president he just went out and kicked some serious terrorist ass.

So what do you think Kerry would have to do to get that re-election nod from the democrats?

Posted by Quality Weenie at October 22, 2004 01:52 PM