November 08, 2004

Do I Look Stupid or

Do I Look Stupid or Are my Boobs distracting you?

Chauvinist's are alive and well here in Automotive World.

I have been working here for just over a year and really I would have thought by now that I have proven my worthyness (I have, many times over, they have acknowledged this also) but it still amazes me that my suggestions are not taken seriously the first time.

We had a problem this morning, everyone standing around trying to figure it out I suggested it was how the piece was being placed into the fixture and has anyone made sure both placement spots on both fixtures are in the same exact place.

Many men all said nope it couldn't be that and went into great discussions on what could possible be wrong, with me insisting the whole time it just had to be what I said and giving plenty of facts to back up my theories. Nope, nope, nope said the men.



And I did a I told you so dance, stomped my foot and said if you listened to me in the beginning we wouldn't have shut the lines down for 2 hours while you tried to figure it out.

I bet they didn't learn and the next time we have a problem and I throw out a solution they will ignore me again. They just don't learn. Really. It's frusterating. It's 2004 and I still have to put up with the boys club. And it's not "old" boys either, it's men my age or younger.

Posted by Quality Weenie at November 8, 2004 02:11 PM