December 21, 2004

Willow Run Airport I live

Willow Run Airport

I live within a 4 mile drive of this airport and the landing pattern for the airport is right over our house. It's very easy to actually hear the planes reving up their engines to take off and the engines winding down on landing. (Actually since I have been 11 years old I have lived within 6 miles of the airport, but now I'm just closer)

Willow Run is one of the largest Cargo Air Freight airports in the U.S. They are also a general aviation (Red Wings sometimes land here) and Corporate aviation airport. You can also learn how to fly out of this airport, so everything from Props to International 747 Cargo jets land and take off from there. And also during Michigan Troop movements the big ol' Military Cargo jets take off and land from there (don't ask why because Selfridge Air National Guard Base is an hours ride away).

So anyway what I am getting at is I have been sitting in the house for almost 2 hours now and the planes are constantly taking off and landing, I'm talking every 5 minutes. You know Christmas is close with all those Cargo's coming and going.

As for the Military Cargo's they only take off and land during the night, when there is dead silence out. I'm talking between 1am and 4am only. Try sleeping with a huge Military Cargo plane reving it's engines up and taking off or having one landing with the landing pattern right over your house.

During the summer they have a huge Air Show, and in the past the Blue Angels and even once or twice the Thunderbirds have flown in the show. We could actually sit on our patio and watch the shows. Last year the old fighter Bi-Planes flew over the house and they were so low you could actually see the people in them.

Beyond that Willow Run has a very rich history with WWII. The worlds largest Bomber making factory built by Henry Ford and Lindburg is on the same property. That's right, the B24 "Liberator" was built at Willow Run. Also housed on the grounds is the Yankee Air Museum.

Posted by Quality Weenie at December 21, 2004 09:39 AM