January 24, 2005

Why Can't These Jackasses Go

Why Can't These Jackasses Go Protect Someone Else?

The group Public Citizen has gotten their panties all in a bunch and are on a crusade to protect the public that they feel are too stupid to weigh benefits verses risks.

U.S. regulators should pull Pfizer Inc.'s arthritis drugs Celebrex and Bextra from the market because they are too risky, U.S. consumer watchdog group Public Citizen said in a letter on Monday.

In a formal petition to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Public Citizen said the two drugs' potential to cause heart attacks and strokes outweighed any possible benefit.

Guess these jackasses also think fast food places are the main cause of obesity too. One, Celebrex has only the increased risk of heart problems at increased dosages, 400mg and above. The normal person is taking 100 to 200mg once per day, no known increased risks at all. Those people are the ones with minor arthritis pain, those that can safely take other products and even Tylenol for their pain. Most people on Celebrex don't really need to be on it, but since it's being advertised they ask for it. The people I know that are on the highter dosages, like me, know the increased risks but have found the benefits outweigh the increased risks.
In its letter sent Monday, Public Citizen said Pfizer's drugs have not been proven any safer than
older non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory painkillers, known as NSAIDs, like aspirin or naproxen. NSAIDs are known to cause ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems that can sometimes lead to death.

Again I say these people do not know real arthritis pain, real pain is waking up hoping and praying you will be "normal" today. Being able to get out of bed by yourself, dress yourself, go to work and be a normal person. It just gets my panties into a bunch when people say it's not safer. I have my ulcer from all the Motrin I was eating in my youth, a hole in my stomach. I have to take medication every day to keep it in check, something I couldn't do on regular NSAID's. Celebrex doesn't upset my stomach, which means my stomach has had time to heal and I now only have minimal scaring. If forced to go back to NSAID's I will surely get that hole back.
Public Citizen researchers analyzed results from 14 randomized trials involving all drugs in the class that includes Celebrex and Bextra -- known as Cox-2 inhibitors. They concluded they are all
risky because of a class effect that causes cardiovascular troubles.

There researches must being looking through a hole in their ass, because all the trials done to date show only a increased risk at high dosages. Normal dosages show no increased risk, sounds like Public Citizen is fear mongering.

If Public Citizen succeeds in getting Celebrex pulled off the market they are going to be dealing with one pissed off bitch.

Posted by Quality Weenie at January 24, 2005 02:23 PM