January 31, 2005

Toledo Jeep Gunman paranoid? The

Toledo Jeep Gunman paranoid?

The Toledo Jeep plant use to be one of my plants at my former place of employment. I would visit the plant a couple times a week to check on my parts, which took place usually during 1str shift only.

With details coming out, the shooter sounds he was just plain paranoid and probably had some mental problems that came out with this being the straw that broke the camels back.

Meyers met with Thacker and Toney to talk about some
defects that had passed through the area where Meyers worked.

the meeting ended with handshakes and Meyers told the
group that he would see them the next day.

Meyers didn't show up for work as scheduled the next day
until he walked into the plant with a shotgun under his coat.

He first pointed the gun at a woman and ordered her to summon
three other people. The woman, Yiesha Martin, told reporters on
Friday that Meyers told her she could leave the area after he shot the first victim.

I thought about this over and over and I could act differently if put into that situation but I don't think I could knowing summons 3 people that I knew where going to be shot. I think I would refuse to and try to get away to warn others.

I have worked in a plant for awhile now and have had people that worked on the line that I thought if you pissed them off enough they would come back to shoot people. It's sad to say that I always have at least 2 different ways to get out of any area where I am at, just in case.

Posted by Quality Weenie at January 31, 2005 01:17 PM