February 25, 2005

Is MSM Pissed Because COX2

Is MSM Pissed Because COX2 Inhibitors Were Not Pulled?

You decide from the tone of this article:

Ten members of the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel who voted that a group of powerful pain killers (ed. note: they are not powerful pain killers, they are anti-inflammatories, a whole different drug from pain killers) should continue to be sold had ties to the drug makers, a new analysis shows.

A study by the Center for Science in the Public interest indicates that 10 of the 32 panel members had ties to either Pfizer Inc., or Merck & Co., ranging from consulting fees and speaking honoraria to receiving research support from the companies.

The transcript, including the votes by the individual members of the panel, has not yet been posted by the FDA. However, a copy obtained by The Associated Press indicated that the 10 panel members in question voted 10-0 in favor of keeping Celebrex and Bextra available and 9-1 in favor of allowing Vioxx to be brought back onto the market.

Without those ballots the vote would have been 13-7 in favor of withdrawing Bextra and 14-8 to keep Vioxx off sale.

Every article that I had read in the MSM during those 3 days of conferences sounded positive for pulling the medications. Guess the MSM is pissed their predications (hopes?) did come true.

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 25, 2005 03:24 PM