February 28, 2005

This Is Why I Love

This Is Why I Love Kid Rock

KID ROCK has attacked celebrities who offer their opinions on the war in Iraq, because he doesn't think stars are intelligent enough to publicly criticise the US

He rages, "I'm not educated enough to speak about it (the war), and I don't think any of these other motherf**kers are, either.

"Look up CONDI RICE or GEORGE BUSH's education, where they went to school. They've been doing this shit their whole f**king lives, while we've been out dicking around with guitars, entertaining people.

He is outspoken, says what he thinks and doesn't try to be something he knows he isn't. Well and heck he is from Michigan, what isn't there to love about him!

Found over at Instapundit

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 28, 2005 11:51 AM