March 15, 2005

Free Virgin Harvey asked so

Free Virgin

Harvey asked so I am going to blog about Free Virgin ...

Radio that is (perverts).

Harvey has just discovered Yahoo Launch radio and I commented about Radio Free Virgin. I like it a little better than Yahoo because there are no commericals and I think they play a bigger variety of new music on each station. I listen to the country station and in a day never hear a repeat while the Launch country station I hear repeats of the same song 2-3 times per day. Virgin doesn't offer the skip a song button, but there are never any songs I wish to skip.

Like Yahoo Launch they also offer a upgraded pay version, but being cheap I sticking to the free stuff.

Check it out for yourself. I listen all day at work, it breaks up the day and the silence. And I have been known to break out in song every once in a while.

Posted by Quality Weenie at March 15, 2005 09:39 AM