March 16, 2005

Chevy Blazer = Death Trap?

Chevy Blazer = Death Trap?

The The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released a study on vehicles and driver death rate, ranking the Chevy Blazer by GM the car with the most driver deaths.

The Institute looked at various types of crash situations with both single and multiple vehicle crashes and the Blazer weighed in with 308 deaths per million. The Blazer also has the highest driver deaths in rollover accidents with 251 per million.

While the Insurance Institute and media hype this study and keep the mantra that SUV's are death traps, what they didn't mention and what GM pointed out:

"It is impossible looking at these statistics to know what role driver behavior, such as drunk driving and driving without a safety belt, played in these deaths. We know from decades of work that whether a driver dies in a crash has more to do with behavior than with the vehicle."

Which is exactly right. The media never does take into account the role the driver has in the crash or their own death. People also need to understand that SUV's need to be driven differently than a car. The stopping length is longer and with the higher center of gravity one needs to take corners slower.

So now we should be hearing the hippies, liberals and democrats all chimming in about how dangerous SUV's are and they should be banned.

Posted by Quality Weenie at March 16, 2005 08:39 AM