March 22, 2005

Today Is The Day I

Today Is The Day I Have Been Waiting For

All Winter Long.

Today is the day that all nothern people look forward to. That long awaited warm day in which one sheds their scarfs and gloves. The day you first pop open that moon roof. The day you turn your face towards the sun and soak up the warmth radiating from it.

The day that southern people have no idea how much this first day means to northern people.

It's the day that you know that spring and warm weather are just around the corner. The day you start thinking about what flowers you are going to plant, about the lawns turning green, when the buds on the trees are going to sprout open.

Today it's 45 degrees outside.

And I am giddy!

Although that could be the effects of the 44 ounce cherry slushy I had at lunch.

Posted by Quality Weenie at March 22, 2005 03:04 PM