April 13, 2005

No, I Don't Have A

No, I Don't Have A Peni$

No, I don't have a peni$ but it shouldn't f*king matter cause a peni$ does not make one smarter than the other.

I am getting so fed up with men and there god damn peni$ waving. And no one should ever rely on an operator to do the right thing or not do the wrong thing. One should take out all variables possible as not to give the operator a choice, that is the number one rule in the manufacturing bible.

Jesus christ has nobody in manufacturing ever hear of the f*cking word pokie yokying the system.

I am just about ready to bitch slap anything with a peni$. But just wait 3 days, some small peni$ed man here at work will suggest just exactly what I was saying today and everyone will think he cured f*cking cancer.

God, I hate my f*cking job right now.

Posted by Quality Weenie at April 13, 2005 04:47 PM