April 26, 2005

Sneak Peek - 2007 Volvo

Sneak Peek - 2007 Volvo S80

Volvo flagship gets a facelift for 2007

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Volvo is testing prototypes of the next-generation S80 sedan. Ford Motor Co.'s Swedish subsidiary expects to begin production of the redesigned four-door in mid-2006, with the U.S. version reaching dealers sometime in the fall as a 2007 model. The S80, as Volvo's flagship, will be offered again in front- and all-wheel-drive variants. The company expects to provide customers with a range of engine choices, and is rumored to be considering the new 4.4-liter V-8 as a top-of-the-line option. A turbo-diesel might also be available for the first time in North America. The S80 is expected to share its underpinnings with an all-new range-topping wagon, known internally as the V90, which also would borrow some components from the XC90 sport utility vehicle. The V90 isn't expected before 2008-09.

P.S - It kind of looks like a pontiac grill on the front.

Hatip to Detroit News

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