May 06, 2005

Love At First Sight It

Love At First Sight

It was September 25th,1993 one month after my dad had died, and my sister came home with her boyfriend (her unknown at the time future husband) and they both dragged me out to go moonlight bowling(1) with them. They said I needed to get out of the house.

So off we go to the bowling alley, we get our lane assignment and find the 2 guys on our lanes that will be joining us.

We bowled, we drank and we talked to the guys that were on our lanes with us. They were real nice and cute. I noticed the one guy had a real cute butt and worked at Ford, so I started talking to him about working at Ford as at the time I was working at Ford in the Customer Service division. We talked, we drank, we talked and by the end of the night the cute butt guy asked me to come up bowling again next week with him.

Next week my sister, her boyfriend and I go upto the bowling alley again for moonlight bowling and meet the same guys for bowling. The first thing I noticed was the cute butt guy didn't pay for my bowling. I was a little mad as he asked me to come up and bowl and I thought what a cheapskate.

We bowled, we talked, we drank, we finished bowling, we sat and talked until 3am and he drove me home, dropped me off and asked me out to dinner during the week. I said yes, kissed him and went into the house.

That Tuesday my truck was rear-ended while parked on the street at work, he happened to call that night and was very concerned. I was thinking, gee he doesn't even know me that well and he was concerned, what a great guy!. Since my truck was out of commision (it was close to totaled but they fixed it anyway)

Thursday we go out to dinner at TGIFridays. I meet him at his house and we drive in his truck to the restuarant. He asked who's truck I was driving cause it was older and it obviously wasn't a rental. I told him it was my dad's truck with no more information more then that. He asked well what is your dad driving then? It took me a couple minutes to answer as I was choking up as it would be the first time I had to say those words. I finally told him my dad had died only a month ago so I was using the truck until mine was fixed and then we would sell his truck.
Now remember we were going on our first offical date but it was the 3rd time we meet in person, but we had talked on the phone daily though.

His response was:

"Don't worry I will always be here for you"

It was at that moment in time that I knew, just knew that I was going to marry him someday. I also believe that my dad had a hand in bringing us together somehow because he is someone my dad would have loved, someone he would have approved of very much.

That was the beginning of October, in mid-November he brought up the marriage talk, by Christmas I had my ring picked out and on June 20th, 1994, while on vacation in Myrtle Beach visiting his mom, he proposed to me on the Atlantic shoreline while a big bright moon was shining down on us.

We were married at 2:30pm on May 6th, 1995

Today we are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

We have gone through many ups and downs. Stayed strong for each other through health issues, family deaths, job losses and many differences of opinions.

We celebrated in each others joys of buying a new house, graduating from college, marriages of siblings, becoming aunts and uncles, graduating from an apprentice program and finally becoming furparents.

My husband, my life, my soulmate, my heartbeat, my lover, my bestfriend.

Thank-you for all that you have done and for all that you will do. I look forward to what the next 50 or so years will bring us.

I Love You!

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