May 16, 2005

Tips For The New Guy

Tips For The New Guy

Tammi at Tammi's world, also my favoritists blogmom wrote about her first week at work and mentioned this about her first week:

I got a lot of "little lady's" and "we'll just take it slow til you get
the hang of things." Hee.....if they only knew. I'm playing it very low key. I
ask lots of questions and just sit at my desk learning my accounts and my

This got me thinking about the new guy at work, the new Quality Engineer that was hired to help out our department. You see, it's been just my boss and I in the department. Our company is growing very fast. We haven't been able to keep up with the work load and this 3rd person is going to help us out alot. Since we haven't been able to keep up with the work load some of the stuff we were normally doing got thrown off our plates because they weren't important enough to worry about.

In comes Mr. New Guy last Monday, by Tuesday I have floor operators coming to me asking me what this guy problem is and who the heck does he think he is. I was wondering myself but was giving him the benefit of the doubt.

He came in telling everyone that he was going to change everything.

To top it off, his very first day he told me he was taking over the hold area because obviously what I was doing wasn't working (ya, what a way to get on my good side). The hold area is one of the above mentioned things that we threw off our plate because it just isn't that important. He spent all last week in the hold area, clearing it out and doing god knows what in there.

All the while I am working my butt off wondering when Mr. New Guy would ask if he could help with something. It's been a week now, he still hasn't asked if he could help with something.

I can already tell that Mr. New Guy is going to be a pain in my ass because on Friday I actually sat down with my boss and told him to have a little talk with Mr. New Guy because of his attitude and the way he is treating operators on the floor.

Pretty sad when your not even at a new job one week and you have already made enemies out of half the people.

So Tammi, your right in doing what your doing because charging into a new job and imposing your ways onto others isn't the way to start a new job. Staying low key and learning the ropes is the way to go. Don't step on toes because those toes are attached to a person.

Posted by Quality Weenie at May 16, 2005 02:53 PM